How lucky will I be when my writing becomes better?

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I am a blogger. I think you are also a blogger, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog. Not only am I a blogger, I am also a freelancer.

Why is writing important for me?

What I do as a blogger and a freelancer is write, write, and write.

I write:

  • Posts to my blog.
  • Posts to other blogs as a guest post.
  • Posts to my clients.

Another reason is that I am still a student, and what I do at school all the time is to write and write.

That’s why writing is important for me.

How lucky will I be when my writing becomes better?

If my writing improves, I will be able to:

  • Gain more from my blog posts. I would have more subscribers, comments and traffic.
  • Charge more per article for my clients , as it will bring them more results.
  • Have better guest posts, with better relationships with the bloggers , also leading to more traffic and subscribers.
  • Get higher marks in my schools :)
  • And many more……..
Writing is a great career choice.
Aside from blogging, companies like are great at helping independent authors sell their work
online and make money.

How has a lack of confidence in my writing affected me?

I think that this was the worst thing in my career.

I lost many clients because of this, maybe even hundreds of subscribers also.

Think about it:

When you are not confident with your writing, while others be confident with it?

Think about it another way:

Why SHOULD they be confident, if I am not confident?

If this obstacle is swept away, I will gain the benefits I mentioned above. I am sure it will increase my money by 500%.

What can I do to sweep that obstacle?

I think the only way to shortcut my way to success is to be mentored by a pro copywriter. But, who will be the one that can be my mentor, and why?

The only mentor who I think can help me is James Chartrand. Why?

Here is one reason: She is  James Chartrand.

As I mentioned before, I want a pro copywriter mentor, and James Chartrand is the one that can help me. Here’s proof:

  • Check out the posts on her blog, Men With Pens.
  • Also, check her guest posts on CopyBlogger. What can I say? They are amazing.

Her work proves to me that she is the one that I want.

Why the Damn Fine Words course?

Simply, because it’s created by James Chartrand.

I have joined the free newsletter, and her tips are amazing. In fact, I think that these tips alone are worth at least $300.

That was proof that this course can fit me.

Last Words:

James Chartrand is a successful blogger and copywriter, I would be glad if I could be personally coached by her.

I hope to win the Damn Fine Words contest.

I want to know, what do you think about this contest? Can James help you and me, as a blogger and a freelancer? I would be happy to hear from you in the comments.