Learn How To Blog in The Correct WAY

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There are over 100,000,000 bloggers out there. 98,000,000 of them are struggling to build a blog that matters.

That’s why this blog is created. We are trying to show people how to blog from the beginning of their career as a pro. One of our first steps to help you do so is ours Blogging 101 series. We try to show you the first steps to start the blog that matters.

After that, we have started our SEO 101 series. Many bloggers out there are talking about SEO as it’s a way to spam google to rank better. So we created this series to show you what you need to have better rankings on GOOGLE. You can check ZEN of SEO.

and more than that, To Start Blogging is about effective blogging that enables you to create a blog that makes you stay at home and leave work behind.

What is on our AGENDA next?

We are planning to share some high quality tips to help you rock your career. Also, we are planning to show you what other gurus are saying wrong.

But still I need a mentor

Most of the popular bloggers have mentors, and their mentors have mentors and so on.

Mentors help their clients with their expertise to shortcut their way to success, and avoid a lot of mistakes that can cost them a lot.

What I need is a mentor that can help me meet my goal in helping bloggers who are struggling to build the blog they want.

But Who can be the best for me?

The mentor that I think can be the best for me is Corbett Barr. Yes, the founder of think traffic.

The reason…

is because he was a mentor of awesome successful people. One of those that I really love is Danny Iny. Another one is Scott Dinsmore. These 2 had built their multi 6 figures online with the help of this awesome GUY.

Every client worked with him, liked him a lot, and they were able to succeed online.

So I am sure that I am going to make results with this astonishing guy.

So What I hope?

I hope to be picked by this awesome guy and his team to change the way bloggers blog. To show them how to blog as a pro.My Infographic